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The Benellis were avid hunters and remarkable gun nuts. Bringing Fresh Shotgun Innovation to the Arms Market, Inertia Driven Recoil System with Tight Tolerances, Benefits of the Inertia Driven System Aside From Reload Speed, The Semi-Automatic Benelli M2’s Taste for the Hunt, Beneath the Hood of the Benelli M2 vs. M4, The Benelli M4, the Pinnacle of Tactical Shotgun Innovation, The Final Round for Benelli M2 vs. M4 Shotguns, the Inertia Driven recoil system capitalizes on the shot energy, barrel length that reflects the range you are targeting, he secure attachment of the barrel to its receiver, the most reliable and cleanest-running gas gun available, purposefully built tactical and HD shotgun. This shotgun is worth the price if it’s a tactical weapon that you’re after.

Back in 1999, when the M4 came into play, the optics seemed enormous. A U.S. Marine trains with the M1014 shotgun in December 2006.

Being a recent new owner of a Benelli M4 I had questions about assembly and disassembly myself.

The inertia driven action replaced the current norm at the time; gas-operated mechanisms. In comparing the Benelli M2 vs M4, their operating system is one of their main differences. [2] The steel components of the weapon feature a matte black phosphated corrosion resistant finish while the aluminum parts are matte hard-anodized.

Open Bolt 2. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. The M2 is an inertia-driven shotgun, while the M4 is Benelli’s first gas gun that was purpose-built for the Marine Corps and operates using the A.R.G.O.

The secure attachment of the barrel to its receiver increases the M2 semi auto’s strength significantly. Coming in a wide range of configurations, the Benelli M2 has a tactical model, field gun, a 3 Gun, a waterfowl and turkey performance shooter. For the average Joe, the Benelli M4 is the most reliable and cleanest-running gas gun available on the retail market. Find a Benelli shotgun in the crisis… Stocks are crazy thanks to Covid-19 and the subsequent societal meltdown. Benelli Tactical does sell the stock piece for retrofitting the pistol grip stock for $150.

The ARGO system on the M4 opened the door for Benelli's development of the R1 rifle line.

This gun uses what Benelli calls the Auto Regulating Gas Operated system or ARGO.

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The designer’s name was Bruno Civolani, and the action was patented as the Inertia Driven mechanism. 2nd row, 5th and 6th picture; special police member can be seen wielding a Benelli M4 shotgun with reflex sight. This shooting stability ensures precision in your aim, guaranteed by a rear extension of its coupling point. But what makes the M2 and M4 both powerful yet so different?

This makes the butt flexible, effectively acting as a barrier for the recoil energy. The Benelli M2 has its origin from the M1 base, a hunting gun designed to meet ever-increasing consumer demands. Required fields are marked *. On August 4, 1998, five samples of the M4 were delivered to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and after intense testing, the M4 had beaten the competition.

These live links show guns in stock at our favorite dealers. Some LE models have become available to private individuals on the secondary market. You can have a round capacity of three or four plus one, and a barrel length that reflects the range you are targeting.

The Benelli M2 runs off the tried and tested Benelli Inertia system, which is quite reliable, too. Benelli Tactical/Beretta LE will not sell these stocks to private individuals. The Benelli M4 comes with a fully adjustable LPA ghost ring rear sight and a white dot front blade inside protective ears for quick target acquisition, and 5.25” Picatinny rail that allows the user to mount additional scopes and optical sights. Holosun vs Sig Romeo 5 – Which is Better?

Benelli Tactical is a division of Beretta's Law Enforcement (LE) division. In terms of efficiency, the M2 shotgun is at the top of its range.

Dependent on the gun’s rearward recoil, the inertia system enabled heavier loads to cycle in shorter amounts of time. One of the features that beat its counterpart in my Benelli M2 vs. M4 comparison is the optics. Their price ranges are poles apart because the M2 is the cheapest among all the Benelli’s M series, while the M4 is the most expensive one.

Benelli’s system enabled the development of the fastest reloading shotguns in the world. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Benelli only sells the M4 with a fixed pistol grip style tactical stock in the United States. This means that a gun is tight-fitting and components don’t rattle with use. An inertia spring and the bolt are free-floating, allowing them to stay put during the action recoil movements.

On its way back, the bolt head picks up the next round, locking the bolt onto the barrel as a super-quick reload. The 12 gauge Benelli M2 tips the scales at 6.6 pounds, with its Inertia Driven system and rotary head bolt that’s practical and easy to clean. Very thankful for your business. This is because the M1014 was manufactured before the U.S. 1994 assault weapon ban expired, whereas the M11707 has been manufactured since the ban expired therefore not subject to the terms under the ban. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, the collapsible butt stock can be purchased by civilians in Canada. It can reliably function for at least 25,000 rounds without replacement of any major parts. Although moderately successful, Carl did manage to create around 5,000 semi-automatic inertia driven firearms. The weapon requires little maintenance and operates in all climates and weather conditions. Benelli Tactical manages the sales of all Benelli tactical shotguns to law enforcement, government, and military entities.

The definitive inertia driven recoil system is simplistic in design but requires Newton’s law formulas to define. This transfer didn’t affect the policy of technical, research, and innovation focus which Benelli had carried on since 1967. All of them have the five plus one mag capacity, with ghost rings, and Picatinny rail for sight attachment.

So, buying an M4 Benelli may also be a good choice. I have spent thousands of hours hunting hogs and training hunting dogs, but I’m always learning new stuff and really happy to be sharing them with you! Born and raised in Austin TX, Alfred has been shooting guns since he was 18. The MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny sight rail on top allows use of both conventional and night-vision sights, while retaining use of the original sights. 6307 Arnold Dr, Austin, TX 78723 | Phone: +1 (512) 412-1014 | Email:, Cycles both 2-3/4” and 3” shells without adjustments, Handle everything from field loads to hard-hitting 3”.

Best Shotguns for Deer Hunting: These are awesome! The M2 shotgun operates with Benelli’s Inertia-Driven® System, while the M4 operates by a unique, Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) The company restricts some features from civilian models, reserving them for use by its top and exclusive clients.

Low-power rounds, such as less-lethal rubber pellets, must be cycled manually. AirTouch checkering also appears on the forend, assuring your comfort in any shooting scenario. The design uses two stainless-steel self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber to function opposite the rotating bolt, thereby eliminating the need for the complex mechanisms found on other gas-actuated automatics. The stock must be direct-shipped from Italy, however it and other aftermarket stocks are commercially available and not restricted by the United States. So while we normally pick one deal, this time we’re giving you direct links to any Benelli M4 Tactical out there.

The Benelli M4 Super 90 is an Italian semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Benelli Armi SpA. The Benelli M2 comes in the widest variety of configurations while the M4’s configurations vary between fixed stocks with pistol grips and standard stocks. Everything is precisely tight, from the magazine nut screw to the rear adjustable sight.

When our team did a test shoot, we found that the ComforTech feature of the Benelli M2 makes it easier and smoother to shoot than the M4 Benelli, which chugs ammo, shoots softly, and is heavy. Standard magazine capacity of the civilian version is 5+1, although it is possible to fit 6+1 and two shot extension tubes are sold by Benelli as well as some other companies. Benelli Tactical and Beretta LE have maintained the belief that the collapsible buttstock, while no longer illegal in the United States, is still only to be made available to law enforcement and government agencies.

You reach us by our contact form on the page contact us.

Interestingly, your choice of the cartridge will determine the task your Benelli can perform. The four configuration standards available for civilian use include; Benelli has the consumer acclaim for making weapons that are strictly for use by law enforcement agencies and the military only. We, therefore, concluded that inertia guns run well, kick a bit more, and are lighter. It all started in 1911 when widowed Teresa Benelli invested the futures of her six sons in an automobile service shop. One, in particular, Giovanni believed that the future of shotguns was in semi-automatic configurations.

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