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curly hair mullet

And of course, a mullet with fade sides can look very, very stylish.

With its Elvis Presley-like bouffant and trailer park style neckline, the Cousin Bop mullet haircut is achieved with a gradual fade on the sides, a carefully styled pompadour, and by forgetting about the back entirely. The crazy answer is, honestly, it just does. Afro Mullet style is not as popular as other mullets yet it is ideal for people who have a natural afro texture in their hair. This is more likely to suit people who do not prefer the pony tail in their hairstyle.

This look would be perfect for anyone who is in an indie band. Mullets don’t need to be smooth all over. jQuery('.imgupdated .text').html(fileName);

If you are wanting something a little more unique and edgy for your naturally curly / afro hair, then a modern mullet is a great option. Modern Mullet with Shaved Line patterns. From the side, you can see that it’s been aggressively shaved down to the scalp to show off a retro tattoo. The Orlando Bloom mullet haircut got famous because of the haircut sported by him in the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit. Here’s a relaxed update of the mullet.

The fringe area should have a messy look that extends to the crown area. Create an elegant quiff on top and a close fade on the side. If you are tentative about rocking the mullet, it might not be the best fit for you. This hairstyle may appear quite unprofessional yet it can be obtained by people who want to experience a mullet experiment with their hair. The short hair mullet challenges the preconceived notions of what a “regular” mullet must adhere to. There have even been some Greek statues that dated back to the 6th century BC that have been seen with a mullet. Men who want to get a mullet that do not serve to be a hindrance at their work place must go for this hairstyle. The volume on top is extremely neat and the design in his fade is even more precise. Combining the curly high top fade trend with a classic mullet hairstyle is a very creative idea. A ton of current haircuts for men have the sides tapered or faded and adding them to the classic mullet breathes new life into the haircut; metamorphosing it into the modern mullet. This mullet hair can be yours by leveraging a perm kit designed for toddlers, a straight razor, and a mild case of glaucoma. This has been one of the most famous mullets of the television shows. The hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo is what defines the gel mullet haircut. } A classic mullet haircut style, the Mississippi Mudflap embodies everything the mullet hair genre is meant to achieve. That’s because the natural volume and … Apply a pomade or a gel on the sides of your head so that the hairstyle stays put. Pick one solid color or mix two like hot pink and orange. If you want to maintain this look, you should shave both your head & facial hair regularly.

It can match the textured top, or it can be slick and straight. Seen exclusively in Coos Bay, Oregon – and for good reason – the Coos Cut is named about a specific group of loose women and a local style of pot dealer who favors them. This haircut is characterized by a spiky texture at the top and longer hair down towards the nape. This opens the door to numerous other style options, such as a faux hawk or a spiked up appearance.

That’s because of mullet’s nature — it looks like a business hairstyle because of the short sides and front, but when you look at the back, it’s a total party — from the back, it’s a long haircut that can hardly be called business. Some of the most popular rock stars from that era used to have insanely voluminous curly mullets. Men who enjoy modern fashion will enjoy this hair and beard combo.

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