cz p10c review 2019

Model @cahri_taro Glock 34 by @thegunco #thomasprussophotography #tacticalphotographer #sandiegophotographer #photoshoot #model #girlswithguns #girlswhoshoot #inkedgirls #tattoo #fitchick #bodygoals #babe #america for rates and to book a shoot dm or email me at, A post shared by Thomas Prusso (@thomas_prusso_photography) on Feb 18, 2019 at 9:28am PST. Assisting in recharging the pistol is a generously flared magazine well. Fair price, nice quality, great value. Neither one of these courses of action is something I’d like to undertake in any situation from range time fun to competition to blasting bugs on Klendathu. Its overall size strikes a nice balance between a solid fit and improved concealment over full-size models.

As others have stated the aftermarket is pretty tight on CZ parts. If you love minutiae as much as I do, you’re in luck. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is a serious issue, and it needs to be corrected at the factory, as I feel it could cost someone their life in a dangerous situation. Trigger reset was very short, which was the saving grace. I have discussed this with other P10C owners who have also complained about this issue. The CZ P-10 C was definitely built for durability. The P10c is a neat gun, available at a normal price, with some features which really allow it to compete with other similar handguns.

I’ve had the CZ P10C OR (Optics Ready) for a few months now so consider this a preliminary range report. The CZ P-10 C spoke.

I have the P-10C and the P-10S OR. I put gloves on after my first magazine, it was that irritating. Disassembly is easy and very similar to a Glock. For duty or military use, though, its performance in the Abuse portion of our testing was shameful.

Yes, this is a great pistol. Weight of the P10C is 26oz. Regarding the pistol’s fire controls, it is fitted with an ambidextrous slide release. 4 out of 10. The transition from the grip to the top and rear of the frame is made more comfortable by a deep saddle just underneath the rear of the slide. But I do know that so many people are die-hard Glock fans so I was trying to illustrate that this is a more than capable alternative to the popular Glock. The flared magwell made reloads very easy to do. The reason I prefer them is they fit my hand better than any other similar handguns (I have treid G19, M&P 2.0, G43, G45, P320, P320 X-carry, and they all fall short of the P-10. At the range, I ended up running not one but two CZ P10Cs. With the fall of communism, CZ products have become very popular with the American shooting public for both personal defense and competition. And they are deserving of that reputation.

CZ-USA’s striker-fired P-10 C FDE/White Nitride pistol does not have an external thumb safety, but it does have a firing pin block safety and a trigger safety. As the session progressed, the mag release and slide catch smoothed out and became easier to use. The Canik however was enough for me to realize that I wasn’t particularly interested in buying a “real” CZ pistol. If it’s not rough enough I often use some kind of grip tape to give me additional texture. How’d it Shoot?

Thursday, November 21, 2019.

Hone those longer-range handgun skills. When I practiced the fundamentals, my shot hit the steel. The release is serrated and fits flat up against the grip frame and bottom of the slide. The backstrap has a slight palm swell that just happens to fill my hand nicely but the gun does come with three additional backstraps.

Out of 10 shots, it had seven in a sub-2-inch group dead center. For my next range session, I wanted to kick it up a notch. by Bart Skelton -

Using my Lyman’s Digital Trigger Pull Gauge I averaged out ten pulls and came up with a measured pull weight of four pounds, seven ounces. Around $375, making it one of the most inexpensive handguns I own.

The CZ P10C is a well-made compact that cycles reliably and is small enough to conceal without being so small it’s awkward to shoot (that’s a big bonus in my book). *Spoiler alert* – there is no clear winner. The review sample’s pull averaged 5.7 pounds and was smooth, clean, and crisp. To their credit, CZ decided to go about it a different way, releasing the compact version first. After 6 weeks back at CZ-USA it’s now a dream to shoot. CZ-USA has been manufacturing, importing and distributing high-quality firearms for may years, and has certainly become one of the most-respected names in the firearm business. I shoot a variety of both hammer fired and striker fired pistols, I like them both. There’s nothing wrong with those brands but there are others worth noticing, like CZ-USA. I’m ready to jump on the optic train, but am holding out hoping CZ makes this in FDE at least. Perhaps more than the Glock does. Further, another saddle at the top of the front of the grip transitions easily into the trigger guard, providing even more comfort. The P-10 C is available in several configurations including the black version, which I tested, an FDE-colored version and a suppressor-ready model. If you like the way this camo looks, like I especially do even as a person who normally shuns camo patterns, know that we can apply it to just about any pistol or rifle or shotgun in inventory, as well as to firearms you send in for refinishing. Another difference is that the mag release button has been improved on. The aggressive texture kept it firmly in my hands.

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