do you put a weight on a spinnerbait

Indiana blades are teardrop-shaped and produce good vibration, too, though they spin faster, and work well on tandem-blade lures.

In large part, the weight of a spinnerbait is determined by the size of the head on the lower shaft.

Topic: adding weight to a spinnerbait  (Read 3650 times). He’s adamant about lower gear ratio 5:1 Lew’s Tournament Pro in the early spring and fishing deep on the ledges. But if your simply looking for the best spinnerbaits then check out our top three below. Naturally, the weight of the spinnerbait is going to have an effect on the running depth as well. “I like the No.

“A ribbon tail doesn’t have as much lift as a grub.

Most spinnerbaits today have multiple blades on them. and 1/2-oz. Catfish Fishing blades are used in clear water on clear sunny days when you don’t need or want a lot of flash. The most popular sizes for bass are 1/8-oz., 1/4-oz. havn't had any adverse effects with it, except the bass tearin it up. Both have the characteristics needed to fish spinnerbaits effectively.

Then adjust the wire spacing and trailer choices to match the conditions and your bass fishing spinnerbaits will be much more effective. 4 or 5 willowleaf, usually in silver or copper, behind a smaller Indiana blade; however, willowleaf blades can be used in tandem, or as a single, and are preferred in the magnum sizes (up to No. A little plastic stopper needs to be added to keep the trailer hook from slipping off. Night time spinnerbaits typically have a short front wire and short back wire. The longer the back wire or the wire from the R-bend to the blades the more it protects the hook in cover. The purpose of these multi-blade designs is to create more vibration and flash, while combining the advantages of the different style blades in to one spinnerbait. Steelhead Fishing To increase and decrease the speed of retrieval, aside from adjusting reel speed and blade style, you can bend the wire frame wider or narrower than the original ninety degrees. Does anyone put a split shot weight on there line with spinner baits! Look at the wire lengths, head designs and blade combinations before you buy a spinnerbait or pick up a few different options to cover the bases. The spinnerbait comes in many different sizes and colors, making it a versatile fishing lure. For the most part, these are fished in shallow areas and near the surface. Some spinnerbaits are even designed to have three or more blades.

Change the retrieve before you change baits. I understand what alot of you are saying about going to a bigger spinner bait but, I dont like the big ones the smaller profile spinner baits are so much better in my opinion.

Spinnerbaits are lures that feature one, two, or more spinner blades on an overhead shaft, combined with a lower shaft that has a lead weight and hook covered by a rubber-tentacled skirt. The fishing line ties at the bend. This is essentially a lead jig head and is usually forward-tapered to facilitate passage through the water and around obstructions. « Reply #5 on: February 12, 2010, 03:55:35 PM » I understand what alot of you are saying about going to a bigger spinner bait but, I dont like the big ones the smaller profile spinner baits …

Drill the rest of the planets later. So a big blade on a light head would be for ultra shallow while a small blade on a heavy head would be for ultra deep. This is a great tactic when bass are inactive and not chasing fast retrieves. The willow leaf blades are used when fishing fast and running through thick grass or heavy cover and provide more flash than other blade types. So to be truly effective spinnerbait fishing, you are going to need more than one style blade in your spinnerbait box.

Bullet type heads have a mix of both advantages although they can at times wedge in the crevices between rocks and branches because of their pointy design. This is good choice for a blade when bass are active and chasing fast moving baits. Everywhere you turn there is a bass fisherman with an opinion about fishing line and no two anglers agree. The skinnier blade also makes them the best spinnerbait blade for targeting deeper water because they dive down in the water column faster. Choose fishing line in 14- to 17-lb test in either monofilament or fluorocarbon. I use lead wire! The makeup of the blade and size of it will have a great impact on how the spinnerbait fishes. The thicker the wire, the more of a “pull” you fill while a lighter wire gives you more of a repetitive thump. The reason why is because they provide better casting control and hook setting than larger rods. Most times I just go to a bigger spinnerbait if I need more weight. Ken Schultz is a fishing expert with over 30 years of experience. originalDevice: deviceType:desktop, From Left to Right: Accent Spinnerbait, Stanley Wedge, Stanley Wedge Plus, Terry Oldham spinnerbait and a War Eagle Spinnerbait.

That keeps the bait more compact because the fish usually strike at the vibration rather than by sight. Some manufactures, like Stanley, actually use a tapered wire to give a bait more durability while maintaining vibration. Willow blades spin the fastest so the vibration is tighter but not as powerful as other blade styles.

As the water approaches the upper 40s, bass start to get active and a chasing bait like the spinnerbait is perfect to catch big bass. Fishing a spinnerbait can be as easy as casting it out and reeling it straight in. It might stop weeds from running down the line and tangling up in the spinnerbait, but if I want to fish a spinnerbait deeper, I'll either let it fall more or tie on a heavier spinnerbait! This might be a Colorado combination, or more likely a single Colorado blade, perhaps of large size. This technique is almost like fishing a topwater lure. I've tried it, and my prefer a different method!

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