gba action replay codes

does anyone have a list of cheats that work for it? 9235678b 71e2b75e How to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos in your Country, How to Download Nintendo DS Games For Free. 8DB54D5F 1A3B269E Morning Sun F44D6C1E 9DBAD5FB Swagger

172E2AFE 7A0C6A39 Whirlpool C6C239A8 BAD193B4 Aromatherapy Ok, first off, you need a Action Replay GBA For this.

7A063220 5D82DF58 43568537 CE93CBA3 Sky Uppercut 0A1C95E6 C12AF0EC Hydro Pump

090849EC 337F1769 Flail 098A28AD E23D90E5 Smokescreen 3B28F3E6 BC56D67C Wing Attack Must Be On (Insert First), 8C050415 EB447C7A CF72D18C CEB1D001 Stockpile

B9235CF7 202FDD5A Vine Whip 355D9B25 854A65E4

81489265 C1DC8B3F Leaf Blade BA1905B8 185BADC6 Lick

0819B3E2 45E0231D Superpower 69149332 1433701F Sleep Talk BA72D984 19FF3D63 Cosmic Power 6F58BE03 804630C4 Drill Peck 402EC737 700A0E70 Tickle 044E57DE D0BDDCC8 Spit Up

Also, you must have an Emulator that comes equipped with an Action Replay … 272DCBB4 61B50C7F Imprison Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

BBFB93DC 0BD998C0 Growl Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. BF3A19CA 6F8E2933 Splash A7DC797E F583E692 Attract 28F71F08 ABB36538

277C1C53 BC72C772 F84774D2 D71A1AA5 Water Pulse 0BB391B8 D4B6E56D Spike Cannon All you need to utilize Action Replay codes for Pokemon Diamond on your DS emulator is to properly navigate the emulator's interface. B2297BF6 6C5D1F3C Skill Swap 953E95D2 30CB8EF4 Poison Fang B216A404 CD096B4C Sunny Day In The Game like Pokemon Diamond... the road to becoming a Pokemon Diamond Master can be a long, tough journey. CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB i tried using cheats off, but they dont seem to be working.. Passwords: Enter the passwords at … 6A89F33F AF3B49FB Grudge D379C6C1 32EDFA1A Thunder Wave 0D0ADCC7 BD818B3E Spider Web 56AAE9A1 A6C1FE6D Yawn 5EB73DB1 C28D98B8 Faint Attack C2A1D7AF 0A81337B Surf 93AA9E8B D8AB21FF Overheat

3B06D81A 945F72DA Counter 72F6A51E 27264646 Teeter Dance 3B4CC401 2A4E9F69 Crabhammer C797E8CE A9A713E4 6AB80868 4983B2D8 Mud Shot DA5107FA 1E94926E Secret Power 198DF179 5413C867 9240B521 27D09393 Dynamicpunch BC6103B0 E353547B Curse C6C1F2E1 ED18AA95 Confusion 1865E0ED 89C601D2 Hyper Voice

2A9EA758 86986974 Charge 8D5CBF07 8D5A1382 Dig

Publishers:ACE (2), Nintendo. 47E4C497 1D976868 Thunder 6A948ABC 0FEF2C4D Lock-On 2CC20595 64338EB9 Super Fang 9482997E ACF94B36 Swift CFCF6FDB B62FD1A4 Shadow Punch 96176CF0 14A57B24 Kinesis 34EB0422 E6829DAD Metal Sound

AE744003 FE547635 Beat Up 0F9F8B1A E81CCA8D Bind 5C06FF9D 31B27B5B Spark 97432470 C8F4C433 Seismic Toss F99AECB9 2DF9184C Camouflage

421EBAF1 4E404CF6 Ingrain 43E25BF5 1E6E3788 Follow Me

688D96DD 54FD77FE Sweet Kiss AAC4AC11 243C73BC Sludge 61BA4BC0 27197BBC Recycle 080103CD 7791896F Zap Cannon CC13E112 0B52DA77 Thrash 88DC338F 5E3660DB Fly F2933D49 21C910A8 Selfdestruct

3A21258C 2DFB30E0 Sheer Cold AD86124F 2823D8DA F05B8B15 3F01B487 Flamethrower F2A3BCBD 965A09D0 Safeguard 56E12107 CCF74348 Toxic Important: The cheats are separated into two different regions (US and EU) please find the appropriate cheat code for your ROM region. 86F5F70C 96BB401D Bounce

971AD97C 79893EEA Agility E1BBEB00 856CA740 Psychic A19E74DE E469AF89 Fake Out C20E0ACE 9CA697DA Facade 7536901D C4DDF1DC Fury Swipes

19C24E48 80DA6265 Muddy Water 9B798944 E11DE03E Thundershock 5DF9DCCB F86375FA Recover

3862B360 D175A6E7 Luster Purge

Disable the code and insert another to get another ticket. 30CF8593 AEFA12AB Slack Off 3447014D CB5553F4 Extrasensory DA1B6337 C1041147 Conversion 2 141BB87C 83D7018F 5EFEE716 9E8BF626 Ancientpower 4A9798E5 A6B8D9AE 65BD8856 C2D50B67 Double Kick DD8E12A3 78CEA773 Fissure

When Does Noibat Evolve And How to Use Noibat? Developers:Camelot Software Planning. 83130885 003B7B09 Headbutt A0F0B4EF 038C6887 Tail Glow 9BBFB1E5 27D21306 Featherdance

25AF3162 06D16963. 4A21CB0D EADB7BD6 Mean Look 669DA897 4D3D25F5 Razor Leaf 8A1C552F 748E1B3D Acid Armor

FCD49BAD F3B24B86 Signal Beam EFF2C3B3 C694E4C1 Sand Tomb All you need to utilize Action Replay codes for Pokemon Diamond on your DS emulator is to properly navigate the emulator's interface. 121629B5 8F496CD1 Hypnosis A lot of Action Replay Codes are posted here and to know how to use them on Visual Boy Advance or Nintendo GBA System, you can view this post.. To try other types of Cheats, you can read our front page.

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