how to train luigi amiibo

Tips and Tricks for Training Your Amiibo FP in Super Smash Bros. This way, your FP is already prepared to exploit the weaknesses in the playstyes of your friends.

I’ll be talking quite a bit about FP in this guide, and it’s a term I wasn’t using in 2014. I think amiibo FPs level up much faster in Ultimate than they did in Smash 4.

They keep learning even after hitting 50, so just keep up with that training and you’ll be golden. Back on the how to train....series. We'll go over some training tips for his amiibo.

I will use the term amiibo or amiibo figure to describe the physical toy. Now it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned. Continue reading How to train the Luigi amiibo in Smash Ultimate – like Omega Luigi! Ultimate!.

I’ve spent a lot of time with amiibo figures and Super Smash Bros. in the past, so by the time Super Smash Bros. FPs learn more from losing than they do for winning. STRONG TIER.

Simply put, your FP can inherit skills and stats from Spirits.

Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Which of this group would you want in 7: Mario&Luigi Bowser's elite trio, deconfirm and disconfirm are both correct. My favorite stage to test this on is Wily’s Castle, because the Yellow Devil is one of the most obnoxious stage hazards in Ultimate (and it was one of the most obnoxious stage hazards in Smash 4 as well).

Of these mainline Dragon Quest games, which do you find the weakest? FP level is meaningless, but you will notice that in Ultimate, amiibo FPs hit their level cap long before they’ve been molded in to the skillful fighting machines you’re used to. So how about stage hazards?

Posted on June 29, 2020 Author amiibodoctor Categories Amiibo Tags captain kidd, omega luigi Leave a comment on How to train the Luigi amiibo in Smash Ultimate – like Omega Luigi! If you can forgive the embarrassingly hokey analogy, an amiibo is the body while the FP is the soul. FPs can learn to deal with stage hazards. Stats are much simpler this time around.

Naturally uses Up B even if you don't teach it, if he misses it's easily punished, Randomly will Side B in the air so you have to be careful not to use it much in training, He Slides when Hit, can mess up his counter attack capabilities, Down Throw is Bread and Butter for the amiibo, lots of true combo options, Do not down b when training, he will spam it if you use it too much, Teach him to True Combo with Down Throw to Up Air/Neutral Air at lower percents, Don't try to kill with Up B too often, you could cause him to spam it which can lead to issues, Utilize all smash attacks and show him he can kill with them.

Your FP learns by both copying and countering. Here’s a TL;DR version of pretty much everything I just said: I’ll start with some speculation.


In that case, make sure he doesn't land that skill often and I'm sure he won't use it as much. However, they’ll very quickly begin experimenting with it to see what works. One thing I pointed out back in 2014 that I think is worth repeating here is that if you want your FP to be strong against your friends, you should pick your friends’ favorite characters and try your best to emulate their playstyles when you’re training your amiibo FP.

His AI is pretty smart, so considering I personally am not a Luigi Player, it's good that he doesn't require a lot of work. I had Changed it in the Pros/Cons, didn't notice it was in the Training Musts section as well. Your FP learns from whoever it fights, so if you’re fighting against it, it will learn your strengths and weaknesses.

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