is the electoral college outdated essay

Critics call the Electoral College outdated, and see it as an 18th-century relic. It limits contested elections and fraud.

To understand why this process remains important today, we have to recognize why the framers chose it in the first place: 1. Before we get swept into the frenzy of the moment, let’s consider what we are throwing away, and defend the Electoral College. March, 2014 The Outdated System: The Electoral College As the United States of America gets older, so does the presidential election voting system. This is not always true, because of the Electoral College, which is a “winner-take-all” system. The Electoral College is a process that ... ... Accessed 10, 2012. This topic of the electoral college creates controversial dis... ...than a single vote casted in Missouri because of the Electoral College?

Yet, their consternation is certainly understandable, considering recent electoral history. No matter the topic you're researching, chances are we have it covered. Ever since the election of 1824, when Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams who did not win the popular vote and was elected into office because of the Electoral College, many other candidates have been cheated out of winning. The Electoral College still serves its intended purpose, but with increasing political activity among Americans it has caused a need to reform this process. And that protects the diversity of interests and opinions in states, especially small rural ones in the face of large urban ones, whether it be socialism in Vermont or conservatism in Wyoming. 2012. The Electoral College never meets, instead the presidential Electors - whose numbers equals the number... ...that supposedly calls on the citizens of America to cast their opinions through so called “votes”.

The Founding Fathers hoped that after a period of reasoned consideration, these electors would vote for the best candidate. One might think that the presidential candidate who receives the majority popular vote would be elected president. Matthew Spalding is associate vice president and dean of educational programs for Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C. Melania Trump hit the campaign trail solo in North Carolina on Monday and slammed Joe Biden as a “career politician of over four decades with no results to point to.”.

Meanwhile, in 2016, Donald Trump received nearly 3 million fewer total votes than Hillary Clinton but won the vote of the Electoral College nonetheless. This made many Americans question if the. (30) Congress decides who they want to dictate how many electors each state has based it off of the state 's population (Edwards 14). The Electoral College is an institution established by the Founding Fathers to elect the President indirectly. The Electoral College is an old and outdated system.

President Trump will battle Democratic challenger Joe Biden to win 270 electoral votes while Republicans defend their 53-47 Senate majority from a strong challenge by Democrats. The Electoral College is an established system the United States government utilizes in order to elect the new president and vice-president for the country. Thus, technically the electors could subvert the popular will.

This outdated system, created in 1787 during the constitutional convention, not only makes it almost impossible for the average American's vote to count, it is no longer favored by a majority of Americans; it also suppresses the vote of already marginalized groups of American citizens, therefore this oppressive voting system should be replaced by the much more favored popular voting system. Civics Electoral College Outdated The founders were concerned about fractious disagreements threatening the stability of the union. Identity Politics In Post-Industrial Revolution Writing. The Houston-area county at the center of multiple legal fights related to voting closed 9 out of 10 of its drive-thru voting locations.

The Elector... ...Evaluate the view that despite criticism’s, the Electoral College is by far the best method of electing the US President. The Constitution gives each state a number of electors The Black Panthers By Huey Newton And Bobby Seale, 'Obesity'' The Problem Of Children!. This unfairly undermines democratic processes since the majority can’t determine who gets to lead their country. Research suggests that the Electoral College system, democracy and recognition. ': Rapper Lil Pump joins Trump on stage during Michigan rally. Each state receives, The electoral college is an outdated system used to elect the President of The United States of America. Republican voters have already taken out a significant chunk of the Democratic early voting lead just a few hours into Election Day voting. However, this system has its flaws. The Electoral College is voting system where different states are given a certain amount of votes in the election, and which ever candidate wins a state, is given that state’s votes. Election Day is finally here. The National Popular Vote scheme encourages such deception by allowing fraudulent voting anywhere to determine the outcome everywhere, and that means more recounts, more litigation and more disputed elections, only further undermining the legitimacy of our electoral system. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes.

(30) Summer season essay in english for class 3 Is essay the outdated college electoral? The electoral college, the system used to elect the president of the United States, steps in the way of that, since it can allow for the minority to rule over the majority. But with 15 states and counting supporting an interstate agreement to grant their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote for president, the idea is gaining traction nationwide.

Just recently, in the 2016 election, Hilary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump won the electoral vote, in which he was elected president. the election of the presidency in an “Electoral College” form. This system is a model of indirectly voting for the executive branch of government. The voting process in America appears straightforward, but it is a very complex, complicated system.

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