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You'll find those stories here. For a complete description of the fishing opportunities on Lake Powell, check out our Fishing Guide. Previous Group Learn all you need to know to book your own tour! From choosing the best season and trail, to understanding logistics and history, here's what you need to know to hike Utah's Rainbow Bridge National Monument located off the south coast of Lake Powell. Look for flats with brush or trees, flat broken rock, and small, main channel pockets to find spawning fish. The landscape here looks like the Monument Valley area of southeastern Utah: flat desert dotted with eroded mesas and spires.

If the fish are hard to find, head for deeper water (down to 40 feet) with plastic grubs, spider jigs, and tube baits. In addition to power boats and houseboats, kayaks and sailboats also enjoy the waters of Lake Powell. Once the water temperature goes below 50 degrees, they become less active. Lake Powell is a world-class destination for fishing, whether it’s sport fishing or the zen-like fly fishing. Can’t share all our secrets. What are your top 3 houseboat spots on the lake? Some walleye are caught while trolling along shaded rock walls during the hot summer months. Boils usually start near the end of June and go through late fall. Copyright © 2020 Utah Office of Tourism. Tucked away in a remote area of Lake Powell, this secret swimming hole is guaranteed to make your summer epic.

Sunfish are not targeted by many anglers, but families with small children should consider fishing for them.

The toilet bowl's hit-or-miss quality makes it even more special, as opportunities to visit are incredibly rare. Lures with a side-to-side action resemble shad and attract attention from striped bass, even when no surface activity is present. Fishing in Lake Powell is superb and varied. If not, there's still plenty of fun to be had elsewhere on Lake Powell! All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. Serious anglers have a variety of choices when it comes to catching stripers. Here's expect advice on when and where to get the prized fish you're chasing.

Please follow local guidelines for safe, responsible travel. Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is one of the premier boating destinations in the world. Learn more on the Lake Powell Fishing Guide.

Numerous species of fish can be pursued and supplies can be purchased at local marinas. Fishing information adapted from Fishing Utah (Lyons Press), which includes lake, river and stream fishing descriptions and maps for the entire state.

After the spawn, the fish pull from the shallows and scatter. If you plan on fishing for stripers for more than one day, record what time and where a boil happened; they often occur at the same places at the same times. Lake Powell Recreation . No problem because boats and other boating equipment are available for rent. Jigging or bait fishing will work, although the stripers will rarely hold in one spot for very long. The fish tend to school in areas where shad are concentrated and will sometimes cause boils. The stripers will linger in the area looking for stunned or wounded shad. Pike are rarely caught, or seen, south of Bullfrog Marina. As the water continues to warm, more fish concentrate in the shallows preparing for the spawn (April through May). They’re more concentrated, so you don’t need to cover as much water for them as you do for largemouth. Outside of work, you can likely find her curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee, watching a crime TV show or scary movie. During the spawn, look for shallow flats with vegetation. Small spinners, crankbaits, plastic or feather jigs, and night crawlers are effective. Knowing where to find the fish is the first main ingredient for being able to catch them. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: This hidden spot is one of Arizona's best-kept secrets. Chumming attracts and holds striper schools, making it easier to catch a large number of them. Spring and summer are the best times to fish for bluegill at Powell. Dayhikes Backpacking Road trips Canyoneering/Climbing Photography Spots Gear Map Search Contact Home Blog All Trips. They also group near the dam and around the water pump for the Navajo Power Plant Generating Station. Thank you!

Use small jigs, spinners, flies, and night crawlers. Early spring through midsummer is the best time to target them. Home Blog All Trips. Although they can be caught just about anywhere, catfish prefer shallow sandy flats. Fish shorelines, points, and rock piles with small shad or crayfish-colored plastic baits, topwater lures, and diving crankbaits. Crappie are often found near shad in late summer and fall. Chartreuse, white, yellow, orange, and crayfish colors work best. Use 3- to 5-inch plastic grubs, worms, spider jigs, and tube baits. The smallmouth spawn lasts longer than the largemouths’. To help anglers harvest an overpopulation of stripers, of which there is no limit, officials allow chumming with anchovies. Like the largemouth, smallmouth will move shallow in the fall as the water cools. Fish anchovy cut bait along the bottom or troll Rapala Shadraps or lures with rattles. They’re most often caught by anglers trolling crankbaits along main channel points and rock piles or in open water by striper anglers in the summer. These panfish are most readily caught in the spring when they’re spawning. Reactions: Bill Sampson. She attended college in the Houston area and changed her major twice (psychology, computer science, and finally criminal justice) before taking a leap of faith and dropping out to pursue a career in freelance writing. Antelope Point Marina joined the list of marinas on the huge reservoir in the early 2000s and is found near Page, Arizona. By Location By Length By Park Activities. Fishing with a split-shot or Carolina rig can produce fish on tough days. As you drive southeast of the town of Big Water on U.S. 89 toward Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the views open up. Spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, jig-npigs, spider jigs, and plastic tubes, worms, and grubs will produce fish. Just bring plenty of water and navigation tools. Water Holes Canyon runs east to west, passing under Highway 89 before meeting the Colorado River. Lake Powell is a world-class destination for fishing, whether it’s sport fishing or the zen-like fly fishing. Please follow local guidelines for safe, responsible travel. Considered sacred in Navajo culture, Rainbow Bridge is a symbol of deities responsible for creating rain, the essence of life in the desert.

This breathtaking secret spot is located on a hike to Echo Lake, which is just across the mouth of the Squamish River. We've listed the goods: smallmouth bass, striped bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, black crappie, walleye, channel catfish, bullhead catfish, and northern pike. We camped in Dungeon a few years ago and like it Click to expand... Well said.

After the spawn, the schools leave the shallows in favor of deeper brush edges and will often suspend on ledges and over flooded trees most of the summer.

We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. Trolling the main channel at faster speeds, up to 5 mph, will trigger strikes with shad-colored crankbaits and spoons. Pack your sense of adventure and pull out your four-wheel-drive skills to venture down the historical Hole-in-the-Rock Road south of Escalante. This Secret Swimming Hole In Arizona Will Make Your Summer Epic. Smallmouth bass are more numerous than largemouth, but they tend to be found in greater numbers on the upper half of Lake Powell. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! The best colors in the fall are white, silver, smoke, chartreuse, pumpkin, bluegill, and shad colors. Next Group. This hidden spot is one of Arizona's best-kept secrets. Are there any other little-known swimming hole in Arizona you love? The bass are feeding aggressively and will usually take any lure presented. Therefore, they know a lot of great places to see and explore.

This was fortunate for us because it was our first time there. One of the best times to go after big largemouth is as the water starts to warm in the late winter (February and March). Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is not known for developed, maintained hiking trails. I agree with everything Connie says... as it happens, I just came back from Lake Powell yesterday, so saw the beaches in their current form... As is usually the case, there are lots of sandy beaches in and around Padre Bay--you'll have no trouble selecting from a huge assortment. Look for them in flooded brush in the back of canyons. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! Next Group. Exploring Lake Powell: As I mentioned before, Ray and Vera have been coming to Lake Powell for several years. This toothy predator entered Lake Powell from the Colorado River. Southern Utah is also renowned for its more technical hikes through slot canyons.

After the spawn, they move to points and rock piles on the main lake.

Lance Cue Well-Known Member . Fish topwater in low-light conditions. By Location By Length By Park Activities. We love meeting the people and discovering the places that define the Life Elevated experience. Lake Powell Fishing Report – Best Spots for Bass.

Slip into the mighty Lake Powell with a personal, self-propelled watercraft and have a whole different experience than the boats flying down the lake. Casting plastic grubs and tubes in 3- to 5-inch lengths in shad and crayfish colors is also productive. In the fall when the water begins to cool, the largemouth move to main lake shallows and eventually to the back of canyons as they follow shad. As its name suggests, the pool has a magical whirlpool-like current akin to Greek Mythology. With two marinas, 1.2 million acres, and its stunning location in Southern Utah, there's no shortage of activities. Utah offers all kinds of adventurous day trips for visitors — start planning your getaway today. Most walleye at Lake Powell are caught by anglers fishing for other species. They are perhaps the easiest fish to catch at Lake Powell. Lake Powell, within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is a world-class destination for fishing, whether it’s sport fishing or the zen-like fly fishing.

Move to the boil quickly and kill the engine to avoid disturbing the school. Read our list of top hikes in Lake Powell. River inlets, rock flats, and shallow points are good spawning areas. Here’s one of our favorites: This Secluded Lagoon In Arizona Might Just Be Your New Favorite Swimming Spot. They can be hard to find during midsummer, but can still be caught. Learn more about Fishing on Lake Powell or explore the extended fishing guide. ... As someone who goes to the SJ EVERY September, I don’t think there are any good spots . Cookie Jar Butte: In the summer, they head for large broken rock. Topwater lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits, and small plastic grubs or tubes can be effective. Check it out: This video by Lake Powell Droner shows the Toilet Bowl in action: Have you ever been swimming in the Toilet Bowl? Crankbaits are especially effective on windy points and shorelines. Wahweap is the most active center for boat excursions on Lake Powell, including the popular trip to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, but several other marinas and launch points exist. Hidden gems abound here in Arizona, but this one just might be the least-known of all. During the day, look for broken shaded rock, walls, and main lake points.

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