melanotaenia maccullochi skull creek

Geographical distribution, habitat and conservation, MacCulloch's Rainbowfish Ideal for an aquarium of around 60 cm with plants. Type locality: Barron River, N QLD. By providing frequent water changes, you will be rewarded with nearly continuous spawning attempts. You can feed the fry infusoria and egg yolk until they are big enough to eat newly hatched brine shrimp. However, the thick marginal band creating fin colour zones, black body stripes and silver grey base body colour allow ready identification. In 1934, the first specimens where exported to Europe and since this fish readily spawns in aquariums it is now quite common among aquarists. Mem. Distribution : Different forms of McCulloch's Rainbowfish occur in Southern New When properly fed and maintained, the fry grow rapidly and can become sexually mature at around 4-5 months of age. Hammer M.P., G.R. Zootaxa 4701 (3): 201-234. figs 280 col. figs. The extensive development of coastal plains has contributed to the demise of this species.

Four arrived alive and developed into 2 pairs. Melanotaenia species deposit eggs in weedy areas (often mimicked by a yarn mop) and the eggs hatch 7-10 days later. . Diet: Takes all types of life & frozen food, pellets and flakes. On some new or little-known Australian fishes. 268 p. Christensen Research Institute, Madang, Papua New Guinea.

Also in Papua New Guinea.

Moa Island, Sigabaduru), through white-orange (e.g. Lawrence, Kansas : American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Vol. 2014. Several colour forms are known. 1915. They require clean water but tolerate a wide variety of water parameters.

Conductivity generally increases the further downstream you go along a river, but significant discontinuities in this gradient can occur at points of confluence with other tributaries and groundwater springs, etc. Buffering capacity is therefore exceptionally low and as a result these waters are subject to a marked decline in pH, with values sometimes as low as 3.6. The coastal Queensland specimens are however still loved by many aquarists since quite a few specimens compensate for their overall dull appearance by having really red fins that contrasts beautifully against the drab body. The variants may be subspecies or entirely new species. MacCulloch's Rainbowfish will usually reach sexual maturity when its 3-4 centimetres long and can therefore start breeding during the first 6 months of its life if provided with a suitable environment and diet. 1–240. They have seven or eight lateral body stripes, some continuous others broken, especially when younger; head brownish grey, lips brown to grey, sometimes with a hint of white or orange; small red to orange mark on the upper operculum; iris silver; fins typically light yellow to orange-red near the base grading to darker orange or red across the outer half of the fin, sometimes with a series of brown spots or occasionally lines near the base of the second dorsal and anal fins. Description Cook, B.D., P.J. They were named after the ichthyologist, Allan Riverston McCulloch (1885-1925). License: All rights reserved. Melanotaenia fluviatilis The basic colour of these fish is olive, brownish, or slightly turquoise on the back and upper side grading to white on the lower half. Very little is known about the biology of M. maccullochi in their natural environment.

Allen, G.R.

quality from known locations is generally soft with a low pH but these fish are quite adaptable Melanotaenia maccullochi (Harvey Ck, Russell River) - photo© Gunther Schmida. This patchy distribution comprises a broad range with regional habitat variation, but includes larger lateral floodplain systems and small swampy creeks including dune lakes, with dense cover.

Species Summary

Breeding MacCulloch's Rainbowfish

The islands of Torres Strait are very interesting regarding their evolutionary history. McCulloch's Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia maccullochi Ogilby 1915 Other Names: McCulloch's Rainbow Fish, McCulloch's Rainbow-fish, McCulloch's Sun-fish McCulloch's Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia maccullochi, from Skull Creek, a tributary of Burster Creek, Cape York, Queensland. Most easily distinguished from M. sahulensis based on base body colour (brownish v. silver-grey), typical body stripe colour (brown and mostly faint v. black and full) and dorsal and anal fin colour pattern (reddish and relatively plain v. uniformly thick black submarginal band forming a tri-tone pattern). General information: This attractive form of McCulloch's Rainbowfish was collected from Skull Creek which is a tributary of Burster Creek near the top of Cape York in Queensland. near Cairns. They were one of the most popular aquarium fish from Australia. this species is small coastal creeks and swamps with plenty of aquatic vegetation. In 1934, the first specimens where exported to Europe and since this fish readily spawns in aquariums it is now quite common among aquarists.

Melanotaenia sahulensis (Jardine River) - image© Neil Armstrong. MacCulloch's Rainbowfish can be kept in species aquariums or together with other small and non-aggressive fish in a community aquarium. This wide area has considerable regional variability in habitat, but typically consists of swamp … White, B.N., R.J. Lavenberg & G.E. They are easily bred in the aquarium and if kept & Allen, M. 2002. Having more females than males will allow for proper color displays and avoid any unwanted aggression towards lone females.

Ein idealer, klein bleibender Regenbogenfisch f r das Aquarium.

Tappin A.R. Publication, no.

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