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When you get to the scoring irons, the 0211 looks like the 0311 P Gen2 irons with modest offset. Well, I’ve come back to PXG and it’s gone well. Your email address will not be published. With regard to the shaft, it’s certainly possible that a change could improve things, but without testing them first, there are no guarantees. Anyone who wants to rubbish PXG needs first to experience their custom fit process to understand the differences proper fitting makes. I had a chance to hit these last night. The sole is a bit wider and the blade is a bit longer when compared to the T. That extra bit of size yields 13% higher MOI (relative to the T). I play to a 5 and hit my 7 iron 171 avg according to Shot Scope. However they feel a little bit of a compromise on the original design and this then puts them in more direct competition with other brands.

By blending the two together, PXG created their “impact reactor technology”. I emphasize “a little” because many irons chase distance by being so low spin that they won’t hold greens. So let me get this right if you can’t afford these clubs you hate them and hate anybody that uses them I suppose.. why read an article to comment about a product that you can’t afford and then you just bad mouth.? My guess is… most people are pissed off at the price because the guys that own PXGs generally love them. In any case, I feel a bit like McIlroy must have felt after he switched from Nike to TaylorMade and couldn’t do anything for quite a while (well, maybe I just wish I could feel like he did . “The grumblers, as best as I can tell, for the most part, aren’t our customers.” If you’re still grumbling, PXG isn’t for you. The end result is a soft feel that golfers look for, while maintaining performance. I was very pleased to learn that the PXG 0211 irons are actually the company’s attempt to bring their product to a wider audience. I love my PXGs and will definitely give these new ones a try.

Some other manufactures have followed with the hollow body irons, but it’s the usual trade off of reduced spin for distance.. They’re always going to be expensive. They are a limited-edition product, but are they worth considering? With the 0211’s now priced in a manner that makes them a competitive alternative, I’m considering leveraging my shaft fitting along with the PXG heads. The idea is to increase the loading and loading of the face at impact while helping to preserve as much ball speed as possible when you don’t hit the center of the face. Your review is near identical with others around the Internet but the comments are helpful. Probably time for my Ping I20s to be upgraded. PXGs aren’t cheap but Titleist & Mizuno’s top-end offerings aren’t that much cheaper if you do a full custom build. The 0211 irons are different.

Never reached out, never sent an email. Secondly, it’s time to come to terms with the idea that PXG isn’t going anywhere. Verdict. If you were down to these 2 sets and price was the same, which one would you go with and why? I play to a low single digit handicap and will be 60 on my next birthday. 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make is your complete guide to golf. Handsome. My new personal strategy is to get a club I like (790’s today) and if I am looking for any result, change out the shaft and see where that leads. Currently playing to a 12 handicap. I am interested to see how they compare.

When PXG says it uses a 5X forging process, it means that it uses five molds per iron. Whether or not you feel the cost justifies any visible gains is your individual choice. Tesla has proven that there really IS a sucker born every minute. Most obvious is the absence of the weight screws around the perimeter of the head. I’m sure you’ll have some excellent comeback to this response…but save your finger work. Excellent feel especially at impact. I completely agree the shaft is very important ant in every fit. One they are expensive The easy “long and straight” of the 0311P is more beneficial to me in the long irons, and I still have the playability and feel of the 0311T in my short irons. Thanks! Why is shipping so crazy high? Its shorter blade length also contributes to the T being the least forgiving of the three models. I can get improved distance, feel, and the ability to work the ball without sacrificing that much with my errant swings. The thin face and COR2 inside the head create high ball speed across the face. . As with most golf tech stories, it boils down to saving weight from parts of the club where it isn’t needed, so it can be used elsewhere to improve performance. Overpriced, forgiving but not anything as good as the mizuno TN-87! I have the 0211 with the Elevate Tour Stiff shafts. For example, the 4-iron has slightly more offset than the 5, and so on through the wedges. “We skipped an entire generation of performance. Ping Introduces G410 Driver, Irons, and Woods! Based on my results, he built a PXG 7-iron that he believed would be as close as possible to my current setup so we could see what the difference would be. The feel is extremely smooth across the face in all models. “I’m  62, it’s not coming back,” he said.

For now this is strictly a STATUS club in my opinon. display:none; The Gen 3 comfortably falls somewhere right in the middle. You made my wife very happy, and I will be happy too in a couple weeks when they get in and I get them on the course. After 10 swings the feedback is immediate. The PXG0311 P GEN3 irons pair industry-leading ball speed and distance with excellent forgiveness and good looks.

Invest in practicing from 100 yards and closer, which none of this sets of irons will help you. Required fields are marked *, Tour Edge Announces New Spin on Game Improvement…. should I feel comfortable ordering the 0211 online. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. The results club to club were negligible. Matt – Great review! My biggest takeaway from this session was that I was adding an extra club length of distance without sacrificing any accuracy or drop-off in distance on my mishits. What did you think of the 0211 SW & LW? While the 0211 irons don’t give golfers the flexibility the four different 0311 models do, the progressive 0211 set is extremely well designed and will suit the vast majority of golfers. I don’t normally hit 7-irons 179 yards! It’s that bounciness that makes you feel that the ball is flying off the face. Dead-middle contact sent the ball another ten yards than anywhere else. I agree…so some here like Chevys and some like Lamborghinis. Either way, PXG’s success has left little doubt that there are more than enough conspicuous consumers hungry to fill their bags with something more exotic than middle of the market brands can offer.

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