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There is a tremendous tendency for people to put a strong division between conventional livestock and an axis deer. Our breeding fundamentals is one that encourages appropriate & specific nutrition, age determination, herd management, and genetics. “You cannot ignore that. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. He financed the construction of a portable slaughterhouse, complete with a refrigerator that can hold up to 50 carcasses, that is taken to all the ranches where exotics are hunted. Come Hunt With Us. But it is that protective stance by state officials that keeps Mike Hughes in business. We are Licensed brokers of Large exotic predators such as Brown Bear, Tigers, Ligers, and Hyena. He was a dead shot from this range and he sighted through the high-powered scope.

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“The danger is that unless people have an objective perspective, we could have some adverse regulations.”. These cookies do not store any personal information. RJ was super down to earth and makes you feel like family. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. Website: The deer are then processed and sold for everything from prime cuts to sausage. Our wellness-focused petite resort sits on 50 acres of scenic land, the perfect setting for a spiritual getaway for your mind and soul. As the story goes, a man once came to the ranch and saw a black buck antelope, an animal that he had once hunted unsuccessfully in India. I breed Guinea pigs, hedgehogs, many different kinds of hamsters,gerbils,mice,rats,degus, Address: 5065 State Road 50 Delavan, WI 53115. * PKD Negative That kind of hunting isn’t popular in all quarters, and critics charge that fenced-in animals lose a good deal of the edge they might have if they were stalked in the wild. Everything from booking dates to the hunt was as smooth and professional as can be. With special love & attention to each and every kitten, Our Persians are Contact: Rex Ranch Exotics Email:; Phone: 4149150662; We are Licensed brokers of Large exotic predators such as Brown Bear, Tigers, Ligers, and Hyena. Grey Ghost Exotics, LLC. Historic Rex Ranch, just south of Tucson, Arizona, was built before the Gadsden Purchase of 1848, in the style unique to this area. Our genetics are the foundation of many herds in Texas. * Vaccines,deworming given by Vet. Exotic game ranch. If you would like to be added to the exotic animals breeder directory, complete the exotic animals breeder form. How to vote. The aoudad sheep, with their curved horns and shy ways, are becoming so plentiful that many ranchers think of them more as pests than as exotics. I Highly recommend CrossRiver Exotics to hunters of all levels and look foward to my next visit. Young zebras as well as some adults for sale.

“The ranches have done a tremendous job with some of the species,” he said. On this particular night, Wampler concentrated on does because ranch owner Don Otting said they were fast outpacing the number of bucks on his land. Endorsement: No on Proposition 14: It’s not the best way to support stem-cell research. “I am a nut for something pure,” he explained. Exotic animals of all stripes have been in Texas for decades and at last count there were 94 different species. The $5.5-billion measure can wait. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. “If (the exotic animals) were all to die tonight, it would probably ruin us. International winners. Archives. *To get a box around your free listing, become a Link Partner! Six years ago, Hughes hit upon the idea of using exotic animals as a commercial source of venison, which he markets as a healthier alternative to beef. “If they would back off and not hobble us with rules and regulations, (exotics) would multiply until they are no longer endangered,” Priour said. “But there is no protection for an African lion in Texas. Home. A new U.S. rule went into effect this week that—after years of legal wrangling—places limitations on hunting of three critically endangered African antelope species: the scimitar-horned oryx … These animals are commonly known as “superexotics.” They are off limits to hunters but fair game for camera-laden tourists who also contribute to the ranch’s economy. View Rex Ranch homes for sale in Erie, CO. View Rex Ranch floor plans and pricing or sign up for updates, special deals and invites.

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