should i destroy the artifact ac odyssey

If you refuse, things go pretty badly, so I chose to deliver justice and execute the criminals. (C) 2018 Ubisoft Entertainment. Hope Atlas doesn’t find out”. In the conversation, I said “Tell Atlas the truth,” but she doesn’t really listen. If you don’t, you will get tossed out of Spartan for not having enough proof. You’re Coming With Me Right Now – You knock him out and carry him to the camp. You’ll find new weapons, ancient tablets, pieces of gear, resources, and artifact fragments.

I’m Going To Kill You Slowly – After all the BS this guy put you through, this is the only logical answer. You can also enjoy photos other players have taken by clicking on photo icons on your map—though this is a mixed bag.

Outside when speaking to Herodotos again.

Now, to upgrade the Spear of Leonidas, you need to head to the Ancient Forge with fragments in tow. He Didn’t Make It – If you tell him the truth, the man will join your crew and you will complete the quest. The war engulfs all of Greece, and you can join in that battle in every region you visit.

When you return from taking out the blockade, there is a minor choice. The Cult Killed Phoibe – Aspasia is sad to hear the news but there is another matter to attend to right now. The next choice comes when you encounter some people outside the snake house. Instead, map icons are replaced with directions: the bandit camp is on the eastern coast of Kephallonia; the Spartan fortress is north of Mount Geranaia.

I Am Responsible – This is the illusion of choice, both answers result in the same thing from Sokrates. Sometimes, though, an enemy will have an Elite modifier or a poisoned axe or some damn thing that can really make it hard to kill them. The only difference is that the attackers will have a much tougher battle and much better loot awarded for success. Empedokles Is Not A God – Even if you don’t call him a god, the people rally behind him. This is a side quest you can find later in the game.

I Won’t Hurt You – He will escort you to the stones, but this is a very slow quest. There's no stopping players from doing the endings in any order. Getting this ending would mean being hostile to your family members. This quest is found in the Sanctuary Of Delphi. I chose: “I’m sorry about what happened,” and “I’m up to the challenge.”.

Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop review. The next choice doesn’t matter, the end result is fighting his soldiers. She asks what you would do with peace? I have not, so he might be more friendly towards you if you did things his way. I Didn’t Do Anything – Sokrates speaks in riddles to you and basically confirms he knows you did it.

If you take her side, she leaves to find more evidence. Instead, use him before you enter the cave and have him fly over the top of the mountain. It takes a few hits of flame to really set someone burning. These can explode into poisonous gas that cloaks the battlefield.

The path that I’m sending you on here isn’t absolute, but is the one where the most “good” characters live, and things are their most righteous. In the first dialogue option where you can agree to find the device or purge the sickness, pick either option – you’ll have to go and find the device either way. I Have A Boat – If you lie and say you have a boat, you will have to get a boat yourself.

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