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Our customisable experiences are designed for persons who: Included in our Ultimate Grenada Spicemas experience which is designed to get the most from your visit.

The festivities begin in July with the opening of various Calypso Tents where local calypso bards sing to entertain locals and visitors alike and to vie for a chance to compete on the big stage of the National Calypso Monarch Competition. We pick you up from Maurice Bishop International Airport and take you to your accommodation to get settled in. The price reflects the itinerary displayed on this page and is designed to give you an idea of the budget required for this destination. Day one: Arrival in Grenada

Also called La Baye, this craft and cultural fair serves up a weekend of fun and frolic and endless parties through the streets of the Grenville, Grenada’s second largest town. The Ole Mas bands are the only other inhabitants in the early morning, bringing international and local events to the fore through their double entendre (or double talk) placards and satirical costumes. Initial Deposit: $500 Horn does hurt, horn does kill, horn is not good for the soul and causes so much pain! Enhance your experience by adding one or more of the following: Travel Insurance; Make-up services.

Pricing starts as low as $1,799 USD/person. Day two to five: Fete after fete after fete We hug, cry and say our goodbyes, while reflecting on the memories created during the past seven days.

The tabanka is real.

Carnival week proceeds with the National Carnival Queen Show, where Grenada’s young women compete in Carnival costume, evening gown and cultural performance categories; the Soca Monarch Finals and the Panorama Steel Band competition. We head out early on Monday to party with mud and oil. By using our website you agree to our new Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms, which we encourage you to review. When you make this first payment, it shows us your serious commitment to the experience and gives us the confidence to start booking all of your arrangements on your behalf. Day two: Island tour We party… we gather the crew and party like it’s 1999.

On our picturesque and petite island, you can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Grand Anse Beach to trekking through the rainforest of Seven Sisters Waterfalls, all within a day. We arrange daily transportation (private and group) from your accommodation to the events on your itinerary. These colourful devils are much more playful in character, wanting only to dab a bit of their body paint onto unsuspecting bystanders, as they dance through the streets to the rhythms of the accompanying drums, steel bands and calypsos from huge DJ trucks. Grenada Carnival Live Stream - watch Dimanche Gras, Panorama, Groovy and Soca Monarch finals Carriacou - Grenada's sister island also has a carnival - 24th Feb 2020 Grenada Carnival renowned for its colour, creativity and unique cultural character, Grenada’s Carnival … Today we put on our full costumes – feathers, headpieces, backpacks, and more – and continue the party through the streets of St. Georges. This itinerary for Grenada Carnival has been crafted by our team with one idea in mind: to inspire you. 1USD = 2.6XCD.

Soca Islands provides you with the most flexible payment plan making it super easy and affordable to book your Grenada Spicemas experience. After that a monthly payment of no less that $250 is required at the end of each month until the cost of the experience is paid off in full.

Every aspect can be customised to your specific needs, budget and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities. The down payment is paid when you officially sign up for a Soca Islands experience to secure your spot. During the trip-planning process, Soca Islands can customise your itinerary around your budget. J’ouvert Morning Experience The Home of Grenada's Carnvial. Information Desk – Frequently Asked Questions, Legal Stuff – Customer Participation, Terms, Privacy Policy, Click here to download our guide to learn more about these events. About Registration Page Buy Tickets ... Soca Monarch Sat. Visit Annandale Waterfalls, Grand Etang Lake, and the Underwater Sculptures at Dragon Bay. Power Soca The Power Soca category of the Soca Monarch competition features Grenada’s top soca artistes along with eager up and comers delivering uptempo songs (135 bpm and above) with vigorous stage performances. We drop you off safely to the airport so you can catch your return flight.

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