star citizen mining spreadsheet

If you are too far away from the rock, you may not be able to inject enough energy into rocks with a high resistance level.

The MISC Prospector is a one-seater mining ship. But if you want to make money, it’s pretty pointless, because the earnings are currently not balanced for four or even five players. The requirements for a reasonably frustration-free mining run with the MOLE is a Helix II mining laser or – if the appropriate funds aren’t yet available – at least a Klein-S2.

The huge industrial ship will be about 170 meters long and capable of carrying over 16,000 SCU. The cargo operator monitors the so-called entry port via a console on the ship’s bridge. Resources can be found in rocks on moons, in caves or on asteroids.

You can get them for example in Lorville by using the trading console at Tammany and Sons. There is a heavy crusher that shreds the fragments extracted from the asteroids and transfers them to the inside of the Orion. You can also try to download it instead btw. I’ll explain how this works in the section Mining guide on foot: This is how FPS or hand mining works. This is based on experience. But you may also have to fly far out or jump to orbital markers first, because the destination is hidden. This is fantastic work. You can do this at the following locations on special trading consoles, near the respective administration: The general mining mechanics for the Prospector and the MOLE are the same.

Star Citizen Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to Star Citizen and Squadron 42. To be on the safe side, fly to a somewhat more distant location in the ship of the recipient of the wage, create a transport beacon back to the starting point and let yourself be transported there. The percentage recommendations are indicative. This is the subreddit for everything related to Star Citizen - an up and coming epic space sim MMO being developed by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games. How do I transfer money from a joint mining run to fellow players? It should give you a fairly accurate guesstimate of the worth of the rock. When you are in Mining Mode (“M), activate the mining laser with the left mouse button.

To do this, the energy level of the stone (Rock Energy Level, the indicator to the left below the laser strength indicator, Laser Throttle) must be kept inside the green zone. For the mining process itself you should proceed as described above. Therefore I recommend to buy the MacFlex Arms Orange “Rucksack” Core. Therefore, data in this guide may sometimes differ from practice. The energy in the rock either rises or sinks. Most rocks don’t require a second laser though, you only need to set the optimal distance of the Helix II towards the rock to about 37 meters (can only be estimated at the moment). production chain: This is … We will also explain what is planned for mining and what an extensive production chains could look like in Star Citizen in the future. Take your time to find a lucrative resource depot. Will alles wissen, aber nicht alles essen. Also, you won’t be able to retreat in time with the ship if a rock is about to explode. We have summarized all information about it later in this article. Created Oct 10, 2012. 223k. How much you earn depends on what resources you find. Use the Prospector in Mining Mode (“M” key) to mine Quantainium*, Taranite, Laranite und Agricium. For example, the currently most expensive Mining Consumable “Optimum” provides up to five times a doubling of the “Green Zone”, but also increases heat generation. So listen carefully. This means that we have to readjust the energy supply constantly – there is rarely a perfect setting. This means that at a certain point little additional energy is sufficient to significantly increase the energy level. Also: Pick up as little inert material as possible. You can buy the equipment for example at Tammany and Sons in Loreville (Hurston). We are no professionals in translating and it is sometimes quite tricky to assign special terms from games correctly. Citizens. Inside it, there are massive asteroids that can be mined.

It helps here to specify the exact percentage, for example: “Down to 50”. This player serves the ship’s refinery.

Very helpful here is the sound, which tells a lot about the condition of the stone.

This would create a very complex economic system in which demand and supply in each section of the production chain would enable a (at least partially) player-driven economy. The best value for money is Klein or Hofstede. The ARGO Mole is a multi-crew mining ship operated by three crew members with three independent mining turrets. If every mining station has equipped a Helix II, every turret can try to crack its own resource deposit.

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