swm rs300r top speed

It originated in Italy in the early 1970s producing competition-focused trials and enduro bikes.

I’m suspicious of that blue pipe showing.

SWM RS650R. Great for the trail.

It’s married to a five-speed transmission with cable clutch. TRAIL PERCH

I spent the day at Starglen Lodge dirt bike riding property just outside Bonnie Doon (Vic) – the location made famous by the classic Aussie comedy, The Castle – to assess both new SWM models. Cooling: Liquid SNAKE VENOM


It even has handguards as standard and the levers are nicely contoured and not agricultural. By the time we returned for a breather I was pleasantly surprised at how well the RS 300 R had performed and was keen to try its bigger sibling for size.

Suspension front and rear is top quality Kayaba, and offers a plush ride with plenty of travel. Price & Contacts Fuel metering: Mikuni D42 EFI

The shock is a Sachs adjustable unit, which is more known and found on other European off-road bikes. Phone (03) 8362 1600 I can’t think of a new bike that offers better value for money. Thanks for the review, Andrew. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on why these bikes make excellent trail companions. Wheelbase: 1495mm PRICE MATCH Both forks and shock are fully adjustable. They are built in the same Husqvarna factory that passed to BMW and now finally to SWM. This makes sense. I’m waiting to see the first update from the beta 480 adventure series.

TECHNICAL DATA. With a retail price of AUD $8290, it’s aimed more at the trail market than the hardcore win-at-all-costs race set, but in saying that I’d still be happy to give it a run in the heat of competition. In 2013, Husky production was moved to Austria, leaving a fairly modern factory near Varese, Italy dormant.

The technical trails at Starglen ensured I gave both the clutch and gearbox a good workout to keep the 300 engine high in its rpm range, where it is happiest. Is it just the ECU mapping that derestrictes the bike or are there physical changes as well? SWM was a heavyweight in its heyday, winning its fair share of endure championships before going into liquidation in 1984. The seatcover is grippy but the best part is the quick-release fastener at the back to reach the battery and airbox. SWM have also tweaked the 2016 SWM RS300R engine to provide a bit more grunt and a fraction less top end.

(210mm) of suspension travel and a Fastace fully adjustable 45mm fork.

The SWM offers a seat height of 963mm and for this year has more padding.

Out front the bike sports 8.3 in.

I saw this and the x training channel review and at First thought it was going to be double posted but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was different. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the bike's reliability, repair costs, etc. But if I plan on pushing a bike through bogs and uphills, or picking it up all day I’d much rather it be a shade over 107kg than near 130kg. It runs a hydraulic clutch, electric start (it’s sometimes a little precious, like the old Huskies), Mikuni EFI and GET ignition. First ride was off road on a private property with my lad on his rm125, my mate on his kx250 and his son on yz125. The RS300R’s suspension is soft, there’s no two ways about it. David Hasselhoff didn’t leave much of an impression on him (that happened later on in Baywatch), but KITT certainly did.

Being an older design, SWM are better off taming these bikes a little to bridge the gap between enduro and dual sport bikes, instead of … Ride under the radar or punch above your weight with a bike that’s easy to ride hard or happy to cruise the trail.

Warranty: Six months parts and labour, Related reading More models are scheduled to arrive in 2016, but for now, expect SWM to arrive first in Europe, Australia, and North America, before setting its sights on Asia, South America, and Africa soon thereafter. Australia's most comprehensive coverage of what's new in the automotive space. SWM has done nothing to the transmission ratios which is a shame, I would probably already bought one if they had a WR 6 speed. Do service intervals have any bearing on using a bike like the RS300R as a dual sport? 3. Without getting too historical, you need to know a little bit about the Italian brand SWM Motorcycles to understand that they didn’t just come out of nowhere.

I chose the RS 300 R to ease myself into the day – but the route we chose had other ideas.

I’m personally rooting for this to happen because from what I’ve seen, SWM was really huge back in the day. In our day of testing we had no mechanical dramas, the bike started every time and it got us from A to B with just as much fun as a more expensive bike would, albeit a little slower. The company has since undergone a confusing maze of ownerships, most recently with KTM, who in turn eventually sold the rights to SWM to Shineray. SWM RS 300 R (2015 - Present) Segment: Enduro/Offroad The RS 300R come equipped with top-shelf componentry mated to tough and reliable engines with GET ignitions and Mikuni EFI throttle bodies. The SWM RS300R comes with the well known Kayaba suspension and Brembo brakes, and in Australia you also get an Arrow exhaust to replace the twin muffler setup. The property offers 400 acres of bush, riddled with a mixture of trails for its visitors to explore.

SM 500 R. QUICK MANUAL EURO 4 MY 2019 and FULL MANUAL EURO 4 MY 2019. Inevitably with a smaller capacity four-stroke motor, the SWM is going to find more fans within mainland Europe than perhaps in Australasia or the US, due to both the nature of the trails and maybe a false allegiance to the 450 machines that is still plainly evident. Interesting!

Yamaha’s WR250R and Suzuki’s DR-Z400E are in the price park, and offer an affordable entry to trail riding for those who aren't fussed about having the latest or greatest, but neither of these have the quality components or level of performance offered by SWM. Then we played with the clickers and upped the speed on the SWM RS300R. The RS 500 R does feel like a bigger bike even though it shares a common frame and plastics with the RS 300 R, and tips the scales just 5kg heavier. But what makes this warrior chief of the trail tribe?

Type: Liquid-cooled, four-valve single-cylinder Sherco 300 SEF-R: 2014 – 2016 USED BIKE REVIEW, Power valve adjustment tricks of the trade, Australia’s Biggest and Best Dirt Bike Magazine, Gaerne Fastback Enduro lands in Australia. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed.

He’ll probably get lost a few times but he’ll always have fun doing it.

Not Good.

A 48mm USD fork takes care of the front and while it may not have all the adjustment of the more expensive models, like preload on top of the fork, it does have rebound and compression adjustment at both ends and preload on the shock. (220mm).

But, for most people buying an SWM, punching out laps and adjusting the clickers probably isn’t your thing.

I quickly learned that the 300 R likes to berevved to make its power.

Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a caravan or camping equipment. He doesn't know when that will be, but until then, he’s committed to expressing his love for KITT, and all cars for that matter, here at TopSpeed.

Fuelling Mikuni fuel injection, 45mm throttle body.

We do know this bike is available for purchase for $10,490 Australian dollars ($7,838 US). I’m interested!! Ride Expeditions SWM review

The terrain was flat hard pack with some limestone gravel thrown in.

If you can remember the 1980s, and hankering after a Honda XBR500 or Yamaha SR500, then you’re probably the target for SWM’s Gran Milano.

If you like to rev this 300 will be plenty fast enough. For the vertically challenged, the 35 inch seat height might cause some issues since that is right on the cusp of being pretty tall.

But on those the chain was at a constant tension the sprocket was installed on the swing arm pivot point. Adjusted valves at 10.000 miles.

Transmission: Six-speed, constant mesh That brings us to the SWM Superdual X, a 600cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve single cylinder adventure bike based heavily on the Husqvarna 2011/12 TE630. Wheelbase 1495mm

I have looked at SWM and it already looks heavier than other similar bikes. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a bike, and read all the latest news and reviews.

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