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Claire Wilson (now Claire James) found herself stranded on the South Mall, eight months pregnant and hit in the abdomen. He was killing indiscriminately, aiming wherever he saw targets—riding their bicycles, looking out windows, walking down the Drag. Shot with the obligatory handheld camera in a simulation of real time, the fractured narrative focuses on two characters at opposite ends of the chain of circumstance. A security guard was sitting inside, and I asked if I could borrow his handheld radio. He leaves a few minutes later. It was hot, so it had turned dark. ARC Entertainment photo. Communication with headquarters was difficult, with few handheld radios, and the phone system was jammed across the city. The story does not feel like it lasts 96 minutes and I was surprised when it ended.

My wife was six months pregnant, and she was stuck on the fourth floor of the Tower, in the stacks. I’m reminded of the article that was in Time magazine a week or two later that compared the shootings to Thornton Wilder’s novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Our intent is not to make this the “Charles Whitman tour,” because that’s not the reason, we hope, that people visit the Tower. Normal life had stopped, and for this little space of time, everything revolved around the Tower and that man. The shootings would spur the creation of SWAT teams across the country, but at that time, the Austin Police Department had no tactical unit to deploy. J. M. COETZEE was a Ph.D. candidate in English literature and linguistics. I had just started to turn toward my family when the first blast caught my left shoulder. She is a textbook consultant in Luling. It was on the mall, all over the sidewalk, up and down the Drag, on the carpet of Sheftall’s jewelers. The consensus in the medical community, however, was that the tumor was probably not to blame, given its size and location.

I was in Shakespeare class when it started, and we all ran to the windows of the English building, which is now Parlin Hall, and stood there peering out over each other’s shoulders. Kevin spots this and scolds Karley.

They arrived at the Tower the following morning, not long before Whitman took control of the observation deck. Most people just drive by slowly and then turn around and come back for a second look. Hundreds of people emerged from wherever they had been hiding. The heat was just deadly. I told Crum to remain in his position while I went to the northeast corner. CHERYL DICKERSON: We stepped back inside, and I noticed that the receptionist was not at her desk, but I just assumed she had gone to lunch.

When I ran into the newsroom, I saw a couple of my photographers just standing there, looking through the venetian blinds. BARTON RILEY: Charlie called me at eleven o’clock one night and said, “I need to see you.” I said, “Now?” and he said yes. The whole crowd was silent. It was released in theaters on April 27, 2012.

It was a bright, sunshiny day. However, the gang leader JJ turns down his request. By the eighth month, your baby’s moving a lot. If this happened now, there would almost be a feeling of having seen it before. There were wounded people, dead people, people whose conditions I did not know lying on the sidewalk. Many students risked their own lives to help wounded strangers like patrolman Billy Speed, who lay dying on the South Mall. JOHN PIPKIN was a senior. Kevin imputes his actions on Lena. Will Southwest Airlines Lose That Lovin’ Feelin’? We started trying to identify them. He attempts to join a gang in the neighborhood.

And they were firing like crazy back at the Tower. I’d forgotten my Marine training; I hadn’t zigzagged. Log in or Activate your account. A novelist who won the 2003 Nobel Prize for literature, he lives in Adelaide, Australia.

My sister-in-law was visiting from Midland, and I was kind of showing off Austin to her. It seems that her father can't join her because he has a meeting in Tokyo which coincides with her graduation. Tom said, “Baby—” and reached out for me. It was shocking to me that one person, a fellow student, could ruin all that so quickly. I knew this was no ordinary day. 96 Minutes On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the University of Texas Tower and started firing—and the rest, literally, is history. So was another guy, Charlie, whose last name I didn’t know until I saw his picture in the paper. CLAIRE JAMES: I was in intensive care for seven weeks, and I wasn’t released from the hospital until November. 96 Minutes is the spellbinding story of a carjacking and four kids caught in the hair-raising chaos of one night.

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